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...SmartCalc is a replacement for Windows calculator, which eats standard calculator for lunch! If you are user of standard calculator this product will spread your eyes of its advantages. SmartCalc is intended for engineers, computer programmers, scientist, students and all those who have some experience with computer...
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Release notes and features (v0.99)

  • calculations are made when youve just typed expression;
  • calculation can be performed in one of the following notations: decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary;
  • trigonometry functions can be used with three type of argument (radians, degrees, grads);
  • calculation accuracy with floating point numbers is 18 digits after decimal dot;
  • integer calculation can be performed within the following range [999999999999999999, +999999999999999999];
  • when working with binary notation and operations with bits number of digits (bits) is limited to 32;
  • dynamic result checking and error checking;
  • you can add/change/delete variables, by assigning value to unique identifier (unique name of variable);
  • you can add/change/delete your own user constants;
  • you can add/change/delete your own user functions with unlimited number of arguments;
  • quick enter mode for functions/variables/constants into expression;
  • automatic storing of all the options including lists of variables, constants and functions;
  • working with history of calculations;
  • user functions, variables and constants list sorting;
  • standard calculator working mode;
  • complex functions and calculations programming using internal built in programming language; (*)
  • graphics creation capabilities. (*)
and, of course, more and more! ;o)

Important note: (*) not complete in current version (realization is awaiting in version 1.0)

Screenshots (english edition only)


Downloads and Order

SmartCalc (trial 10 days)

SmartCalc v0.99.0.81 russian edition
shareware - $5
download (399K)
SmartCalc v0.99.0.81 english edition
shareware - $25
download (395K)

Bonus from Alexx!

these three games will help you to have a good time... enjoy!

Tetris Classic v2.01 (rus/eng)
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Puzzle-15 v1.0s (rus/eng)
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Sea Wars v1.0 (eng)
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